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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Clash of Clan COC Builder hall base th7 layouts recommend

As we upgraded the builder hall, which was newly added to Class of Clan (COC), we were able to complete the 7th hole, which is the highest level now. All upgrades except Hero (Battle Machine) and Barrier are completed.
Personally, I liked the left / right symmetrical layout, so I configured the layout as above. Although the rate of defense is not very good, asymmetrical placement is psychological discomfort when seeing the village. Therefore, if you like symmetrical structure like the author, it is recommended to construct as above. 
jor defense towers are upgraded to 7th level, but if you see that the various gauges are not yet complete, you will soon see a new level. 
The unit upgrade is almost complete, and when the Drop ship is upgraded, the battle machine will also raise the level. 
Gem mines are not efficient because they are not upgraded. 

The basic village has already achieved an 11th town hall pool battle and has climbed to the legendary league. The trophy bonus rewards are pretty good, but the search is taking too long and playing down to 4,000 trophies. Builder hall th7 town layouts recommended placement and close up.

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