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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Classic Sensibility, Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

One of the world's leading electronics guitar manufacturers, Fender, is presenting Bluetooth wireless speakers for the latest trends. One of them is the Newport model.

These retro-designed Bluetooth speakers are always inviting. Especially because I have used electric guitar as a hobby and have used Fender's guitar and amp.
The design of the Fender Newport is a classic feel, but it is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 interface and is capable of 12 hours of outdoor playback in a 5200mAh battery. 
The whole component. 
It is popularly charged via a micro USB 5 pin cable, which is popular in smartphones, and comes with two cables, supporting 3.5mm wired connection.
If you've used Fender's electric guitar and amp, I think the design of Newport is very familiar. In particular, the design of the Fender's guitar amp, the Frontman series, is as impressive as it looks. 
The thickness is slim, and the power connector, charge indicator, wired external input (AUX) and charge output terminal are located at the bottom of the rear. 
Slip and anti-vibration pads are attached to each corner of the bottom surface for stable use.
If you look at the front and you have made an exclamation, you have a design configuration that will impress you once again at the top. The power switch with analogue sensitivity and the knob to control volume and high / low sound are very classical enough to be wondered with the latest technology. 
Charge output terminals can be used to charge various devices such as smart phones and portable audio players. Elements that can be useful during camping or running. 
I briefly looked at the exterior design, interface, and appearance of the Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker. Detailed music appreciation reviews are arranged in the next section, and the openbox is finished.

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