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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

HiRes Certified Earphone JVC HA-FX99X Reviews

The new flagship model HA-FX99X from JVC is a HiRes-certified product suitable for playback of lossless sound sources. It is formed at the price of $100.
 JVC's package is always written in Japanese only.
Looking at the specifications of the product, it is equipped with an 11mm hybrid unit and has a very wide frequency response band characteristic of 5Hz-40,000Hz. With a sensitivity of 103dB to the resistance value of 16 ohms, it is flexible in use in smart phones and portable devices, and it can be confirmed that it has a more advanced configuration by adopting oxygen free copper wire cable.

The whole component. It consists of earphone body, carrying case, warranty card and manual. 
 Extra eartips are contained in the case. The case is a soft suede material that can be inserted and withdrawn through the warp produced by pressing on both sides.
The size of the unit is quite large because the 11mm diameter hybrid driver is installed. The unique shape of the spiral dots and extreme tornaded duct structure is also visible from the outside and adds a luxurious feel to the black and gold neat color points.
Y The bifurcation and plugs are also neatly constructed, and the slider is built in for a more stable use 
The nozzle is blocked to prevent foreign matter from entering, and the air duct is located above the direction indicator. 
Compared to the larger unit size, it is comfortable to wear. 
 I connected to a smartphone and listened to various genres of music. You can feel the feeling of covering the ultra-low frequency range from the ultra-low frequency range which can be confirmed in the spec, and the resolution is also adhered to, and it gives a very clear and clean sound overall.
The JVC HA-FX99X earphones are a bit heavier in weight. The combination of hard, rich low-sounding bass and clean, high-fidelity bass that is not the same as a product that emphasizes low-frequency range makes it reproduce any genre satisfactorily. It is a high resolution (HiRes) certified product that can be purchased at the beginning of the $100 level, which is quite satisfactory.

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