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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Mutory A3 Reviews

It has been only a few years since the market began to move music wirelessly. Beyond the shape of the neckband and the unit itself, there are now Bluetooth earphones that can be used wirelessly between both units.

There are a variety of high-end products, but the popularity is also falling. The Mutory lineup is composed of less than 100,000 won, and it has enough structure that anyone can buy easily. The Bluetooth 4.2 interface allows 5 hours of continuous playback when fully charged. 
The overall configuration also feels very good for the price. 
User's manual and charging cable. The micro USB 5 pin type connector has high compatibility with the smartphone charger. 
The case, which can store both units, can be charged from an external power source by incorporating its own battery. In this way, it is possible to charge three times during the basic 5 hours of playback time, thus achieving the efficiency to reproduce 20 hours without external power supply. 
It is equipped with a foam tip, which can be replaced by two sizes of sleeve eartips. 
The appearance of both units designed to fit your ears. Depending on the user's taste and environment, only one side can be used or both sides can be connected and used as stereo.
When the unit is stored in a special case, the charging progresses. Two LEDs are lit so that the charging status can be easily checked from the outside even when the lid is closed.

The Mutory A3 does not offer a perfect fit, but it gives a sense of stability.
The Mutory A3 Bluetooth wireless earphone is designed so that each band is unbalanced and plays music with good resolution. Also, according to the experience of using all models, it was satisfactory because there was hardly any interruption in the use of public transportation where many radio waves were mixed. I think it would have been better if the eartip was perfectly attached to my ears.
The Mutory A3 is a Bluetooth wireless earphone that can be felt satisfactorily in terms of overall functionality, fit, music reproduction ability, and tuning tendency although the fit and the car sound may be different according to the user. End the review.

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