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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Xiaomi Ropod Smart flower pot Cat Grass Reviews

Ropot smart pots from Xiaomi are smart devices that enable you to grow a variety of plants into the optimal environment. Sensor-mounted pots can monitor water and nutrition on a smartphone.
The appearance of the product package. Features of the product are listed. It has data for more than 5,000 different plants and is connected to the smartphone via the Bluetooth 4.1 interface. IPX6 grade waterproofing is available, so it can be used outdoors without problems, and it can be used up to 60 days when the battery is fully charged. 
The whole component. Pots and stand, charging USB cable and instruction manual. 
The LED on the front is easy to check the condition by color, and the USB charging port is located inside the waterproof cover. 
The sensor is mounted inside the pollen and the hole for drainage is located at the bottom. The bottom can be used stably with rubber treatment to prevent slip. 
Xiaomi Ropot You can grow various plants by using Smart Blast. I decided to grow catgas for the cat. 
When you install the application on the smartphone, you can monitor the moisture and nutrient status in real time by connecting with the pollen. 
Catgrass is a kind of plant that is so unusual that the smartphone was not informed. However, you can choose the type of plants and leaves as similar as possible. 
I planted seeds of catglas and covered the soil. It can monitor the water in real time and give a proper amount. 
I monitor and water on my smartphone from time to time, so in a week I grew up like this Catglas. In the past, when I used regular pots to grow, I could not maintain proper moisture and could not grow properly.  
Cats that grow up in good health are eating our cats delicious. It monitors the water and nutrition status in the morning and evening and keeps the healthy catglas condition thanks to the hard water. By using Xiaomi Ropot, it is very convenient and useful because it can monitor and manage the optimum condition in real time while growing flowers and plants. End the reviews.

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