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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Crazy Baby Air Codeless Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Reviews

There are a few start-up companies that I should pay attention to in addition to traditional sound specialists. One of them is Crazy Baby, and I have used it before as a magnetically wound speaker.
The 'Air' model launched at Crazy Baby is a Bluetooth headset that is completely wirelessly configured between both units as well as playback devices. The 5.2mm built-in microdrive is built in and the 8Hz-24kHz mainstream response band Have. 
You can see the package structure that is very luxurious and impressive for the price. 
Silicone covers are available in three sizes for more stable fixation during exercise. 
Four sizes of silicone eartips are included, including a built-in eartip for changing the size of the ear canal. 
The charging case is cylindrical and neatly configured, and both units can be stored and charged. The external power supply is USB-C type and can charge the case itself.
When power is input from the outside, charging of the case progresses, and each unit is charged when the unit is stored. It has a basic 3 hours of playback and provides up to 12 hours (3 times full charge) with charging through the case. 
Between the unit and the case, it is possible to store and charge it easily and stably through the magnetism. 
The weight of one unit is only 4g, which is very light and not burdensome. 
Outside of both units, a button is provided to control the track by one or two consecutive clicks on the right and left, or to perform call-related functions, voice command application execution, and other functions.
I paired with a smartphone and listened to various genres of music. The overall sound is crisp and the low-frequency emphasis adds to the richness of the sound, and the low-emphasis emphasizes the user's preference.
Overall, it is considered to be a Bluetooth earphone that has excellent design, charging system and operation convenience compared to the price range, and offers a price / performance ratio that is good for clean sound. End the reviews.

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