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Monday, March 18, 2019

Cat's toy Moving Tail Automatic Cat Toy Reviews

There is a limit to the ability of the butler to fill all the cat's hunting instincts with the toy. It is difficult to play even when I try it in the morning and evening. I looked at the products to meet some of them and I looked for suitable products and bought them.
There are many types of toys that allow the cat to play automatically, but the most common one is the laser pointer. However, when I use a laser pointer, the reaction of the cat is intense, but I do not use it at all because I am not using it because it is a virtual goal that can not be touched or caught.
I buyed AliExpress for about $16. Now, The price dropped to less than $ 10. 
The components are simple. It consists of a body with rotating parts, a stick, and a cover. 
It can set four motion modes slowly / normal / fast / randomly using the buttons at the top. 
The motor is driven by three C type batteries. If it is not a type such as AA or AAA which is generally used, the price of the battery may be a little burdensome, but if you check the usage method below, it can also be operated with AA type battery. 
Connect the moving stick and cover and lock the cover to complete the installation. It's actually a physically moving form so you can touch or catch your cat.
Only the red tail is an automatic toy that protrudes out of the cover and rotates left / right. As I move, I swish the cover, I hear the rustling and the drowsiness, and I focus on Momo and Aro. 
If you set it to Random mode, it moves slowly, quickly, and variously to left / right, so it is good for attracting attention of cat. Both of them can look at the eyes without taking their eyes off, punching punches, moving around and seeing what they are following.
The maximum concentration and use time was about 5 to 10 minutes. Beyond that, you're out of sight. When I used it once every few days, I was satisfied that I could fill some of the instincts and play part for hunting. However, it is somewhat unfortunate that the red rubber tail part was cut off by teeth in only 10 plays. It seems that this stick and rubber tail are not sold separately. I finish reviews and go shopping for other toys..

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