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Monday, March 25, 2019

Micro Hi-Fi Audio LG CM2760 Reviews

In the 90's when cassette tapes were converted to CDs, there were many people who remembered a mini-component (aka mini-combo), a must-have item for each house. In recent years, most of the sound system is based on Bluetooth, which is a wireless interface. LG Electronics also has micro-hi-fi audio products with these latest features.
The LG CM2760 is a micro Hi-Fi audio product with a maximum output of 160W. 

All black has a high-gloss finish on the front side. It consists of a body part and two speakers.
Each channel is made up of 3WAYs, with tweeter on the top and bottom woofer unit on the bottom, and a wider woofer unit on the side.
Each speaker unit has a duct at the top and a cable for connecting to the main unit. 
The unit is light in weight and light weight, and has two speaker unit connectors and an FM antenna on the back. In addition to the Bluetooth wireless interface, input via the jack is somewhat inconvenient because the optical / COXIAL digital input is not supported in addition to the AUX input on the front side. 
A wireless remote control is provided to control all functions. Use with two AAA batteries. 
Two satellite speakers are detachable and can be placed on either side or laid on the front of the TV. If LG's latest TV supports wireless sound sync function, it can be used in conjunction with CM2760 model without any connection. The LG 65-inch 4K TV used in our house has been released for over three years and does not support the wireless sound-sync function. If you purchase a new TV in the future, you should take advantage of the wireless sound-sync function. 
It's been a long time since I played the CD medium. I tried to play the CD I had bought in the past and play it back, but it feels really fresh. Rather than simply providing the playback function, you can use it by plugging the memory into the USB port and providing MP3 conversion and extraction functions. 
LG Sound Sync You can conveniently connect and use wirelessly with a TV that supports wireless mode. When listening to music or movies, you can enjoy more quality sound than the built-in TV speakers. 
FM radio function is provided, and it is convenient to use with digital tuner. I remember the memories of the radio program I had in the evening of my school days.
You can see the equalizer effect by operating mode and frequency band through the LED at the top front. All functions at the bottom are controlled by touch type.
Supports Bluetooth connectivity with multipoint pairing up to three devices. You can conveniently control various devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebooks wirelessly, so you can listen to music with much better sound than wireless convenience like general Bluetooth speaker. 
The USB port can be used to connect the memory and play the file. It is particularly impressive that it supports playback of FLAC file, which is lossless sound source, and can be used as excellent sound suitable for hi-fi audio. 
You can play music with LG Audio Bluetooth application, set various functions such as alarm and sleep function. At present, only Android OS is supported, and acoustic equalizer can be selected and used according to user's taste through six preset.

Compared to conventional hi-fi audio amplifiers and speaker configurations, it's compact in size, but when you play music, it's pretty impressive with high-fidelity, rich and solid bass. The output is also a very satisfactory product from design to sound with powerful output that is not inadequate for use in a spacious living room. Ens the reviews.


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