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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Micron Crucial P1 2280 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD Reviews

Micron has a high market share in the SSD field, and it is consistently built with low performance and excellent reliability and durability. Today's desktop PCs and laptops are going beyond the traditional SATA3 M.2, and now the NVMe type is becoming more and more popular. The product to review today is Micron's first NVMe model, the Crucial P1 M.2 2280 is 500 GB.
Micron Cruise P1 M.2 2280 500GB is a QLC-based product with 3D NAND flash memory. 500GB, 1TB, 2TB capacity. 500GB products have a reading speed of 1900MB / s and a writing speed of 950MB / s. The 1TB / 2TB model has a specification of 1700MB / s, which is twice as fast as the write speed. Compared to typical SATA3 products, it has two to four times faster read and write speeds. 

The box package has the seal of the distributor, Daewon CTS. The whole components are made up of the SSD body and the instruction manual. 
It is based on a luxurious black PCB, and the 500GB model has components on one side only. The 2280 size is optimized for compatibility with desktop PCs as well as laptops. It also helps to lighten the weight of the 17g lightweight unit. 
Compared to the SATA3 2.5-inch type, it is smaller and lighter, but has a dramatically improved NVMe type configuration. 
I installed it on my main desktop PC. Nowadays, most of the PCs are made of acrylic or tempered glass with side panels, so the interior parts are shone as they are, so the design and color of the product have become very important. Based on the luxurious black PCB, Good for tuning in white configuration. 
After allocating and formatting the disk, you can check the capacity of 500GB. The SSM of the NVMe interface has a high temperature, which may cause some performance degradation. Micron Crucial P1 M.2 2280 500GB model has a default temperature of 38 degrees. 
I checked the read / write speed with Crystal Disk Mark and ATTO Disk Benchmark program. The current mainstream system is the AMD Riser 7 2700X, which shows a somewhat lower performance of NVMe SSDs compared to Intel-based systems. There are a lot of users who use AMD system these days and are attached for reference. If it is this performance, it is enough to work on operating system, game, and large file with very fast speed as main OS drive. 
In continuous write conditions, the maximum temperature is identified as 60 degrees. Some products exceed 70 degrees Celsius, which can cause performance degradation, but the Micron Crucial P1 M.2 2280 model does not suffer from temperature problems without a separate heat sink.

When the dirty test was carried out, it was possible to confirm that the speed was reduced by about 86% of the remaining capacity, but it is a part of the product after most TLC. 
Micron SSDs offer the Acronis True Image program, which allows you to quickly and easily back up your OS drive to an image and easily recover it. You can also monitor the status of the product and configure its functions through the Crucial Storage Executive tool. 
It is convenient to update the new firmware through the Crucial Storage Executive tool. 
Overprovisioning feature and allocate some space on the SSD to improve speed and longevity. Basically, it provides a 5 year free warranty period and it has very fast reading / writing speed, so I think that it will be able to satisfactorily satisfactory performance and stability even in the basic condition without activating the function personally. 
In addition, AES-based real-time full drive encryption is supported, hardware safe hash algorithm 256 and true random number generation with excellent security functionality to be able to use more reliably.
Micron Crucial P1 M.2 2280 500GB model is 500GB capacity enough to install OS and various games and programs. It is also recommended if you consider NVMe SSD with high cost ratio. End the reviews.

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