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Sunday, April 7, 2019

High quality cordless wireless Bluetooth earphone Bang&Olufsen B&O Beoplay E8

Bang & Olufsen (B&O), a professional brand for global sound equipment, is loved by various products with good sound and beautiful design. According to recent trends, cordless full wireless earphones are also available, let's take a look at the Beeplay E8 model.
I can check out the emotional box package for Bang & Olufsen. In addition to the basic black color, it is made up of various colorful colors and can be selected according to the user's taste.

The dongle dongle and compact size case are very luxurious with an exterior finish made of leather. It is equipped with a strap for convenient carrying, and the USB charging port is located at the back. 
The lower part of the front cover has a little groove, and the charging indicator LED is configured so that the charging status can be checked even when the cover is closed. Each unit is firmly fixed through a magnet to provide a sense of stability that does not fall even when shaking. The charging case is equipped with a 365mAh battery and can be charged twice. When fully charged, it can be used for up to 12 hours without external power by 4 hours of playback. 
A slightly larger unit is equipped with an external touch panel that allows easy control of music, volume control, phone-related operations, and on / off of trans- ferring functions. The transfarency function allows you to hear external sound inside, which can be set in several steps to prevent dangerous situations during the movement due to the noise of the in ear earphone depending on the situation. 
I paired with my smartphone to check my software settings and play music. If you install Bang & Olufsen app, detailed setting of bear play E8 is possible. 
The application is equipped with a self-playing player, you can set the battery level check, equalizer setting, and the transfer mode that lets you hear external sound inside. 
The equalizer settings can be selected from the tone touch interface and preset. The tone touch has a convenient interface that allows you to set the sound by touching the screen. However, the parts where detailed settings are not supported by each band are somewhat unfortunate. 
Each unit is light weight of 6g, 7g and it is light weight when worn compared to slightly bigger earphone size. However, I think that people who have small ears may feel uncomfortable for a long time due to their size.
Transparency mode can be set to 3 levels. When set to 100%, the music being played is completely muted and only the external sound is heard inside. In the middle stage, it mixes music and external noise so it is useful when you use it outside of the workout to prepare for the risks from the vehicle. This is a way to hear sounds coming in through the external ike, so it has less permeability and naturalness compared to open type products, but it is useful enough to be used. 
I tried playing music. Even though it is an in-ear type, it is impressive with a wide sense of space and very clear sound. Especially, the resolution of the high-frequency range is excellent, so you can feel the satisfaction of listening to high quality wired earphone when you listen to vocal or string instrument. 
However, the low-frequency range has relatively few emphasis, and the feeling of reverberation is small, and you can feel the splashing. The composition and emphasis of the low-frequency range and high-frequency range can vary greatly depending on the user, but I personally think that the product is focused on high-quality sound rather than the all-around type. In vocals and gigs, you can enjoy fine and good sound, but there are some sibilances in high-frequency range in electronic and dance genres.

I can see some audio delay when playing a video, but this is not a general inconvenience. I have tried using high quality cordless earphones of various manufacturers over $200, but for the vocal music, the Bang & Olufsen B&O Beeplay E8 model was very much overwhelming.

The sound settings are concentrated in the high-frequency range, so some genre music is somewhat unfortunate, but it also features a luxurious design and the ability to listen to external sounds, so it is a highly recommended cordless earphone for those who like calm music. End the reviews.

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