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Monday, April 29, 2019

High quality portable mobile mini beam projector BenQ GV1 Reviews

Enjoying outdoor activities such as camping or simply using a mini-beam projector to enjoy a big screen at home can be a joy. BenQ's projectors have been number one in sales of DLP projectors for nine consecutive years with exceptional cost ratio. Let's take a look at the newly launched portable mobile mini-beam projector GV1.
The BenQ GV1 is a DLP projector that supports WVGA (854x480) resolution and can project up to 100 inches at a brightness of 200 angstroms. USB-C port and 3 hours of battery recall with the adoption of charging devices and charging devices such as smart phones can connect a variety of devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. 
It is the appearance of the whole component. You can find the product itself, USB cable, power adapter, wireless remote control, portable pouch, warranty card and instruction manual. 
The latest USB TYPE-C port is adopted. You can charge the external device with the built-in battery or connect the device such as USB memory or external hard disk. 
The power adapter is made up of various country plugs. The built-in battery has a built-in battery, so if you pre-charge it, you can play it without connecting the power source. 
A padded pouch and wireless remote control are provided to protect against external shocks and scratches. 
It has a cylindrical design with a height of 15cm and a width of 8cm. It has a small size and weight of 708g. 
Inside is a built-in 5W chamber speaker, and at the bottom of the rear is a power and USB connection. 
The bottom surface is made up of a large area of ​​non-slip pad, and the tripod hole is located at the center, making it easier to adjust the height.
The OSRAM Q9 LED lamp provides up to 20,000 hours of life in normal mode and 30,000 hours in Eco mode, with a lifetime of nearly 20 years of film use per day without the burden of replacing the lamp  
Power and control buttons are located on the top. 
Turn on the power and proceed with simple setup. It supports Various language, so it can be used without difficulty. It has its own Android OS and can be connected and controlled conveniently.
Supports extremely easy wireless connection to iOS and Android smartphones and tablet PCs. You can output the screen of your smartphone as it is, so you can project all the screens of the smartphone by surfing the internet, playing games, playing YouTube or movies. 
You can choose the color and sound of the screen according to your preferences with various presets. You can optimize according to the installation position and enable the automatic keystone function. 
I installed an 80-inch widescreen and connected it to my smartphone to play YouTube and movies. If you use it at home with the brightness of 200 ANSI, you should turn off the light or use curtains to configure the dark environment. The upper head can be moved freely up to 15 degrees, so that the optimum keystone value can be obtained in various environments. The autokiston function is highly responsive and accurate, so only the left / right angle and focus setting can be performed. 
I connected wirelessly with my smartphone and projected it on an 80-inch screen to play YouTube videos. A projection distance of 80 inches is about 2.3 meters, and a projection of 100 inches is enough for a distance of 2.8 meters. Even with such a small mini-beam projector, you can see a very satisfactory screen with the brightness of 200 ansi and good color. 
It is convenient to play movies wirelessly using smart phone and NAS. It is impressive that not only picture quality but also sound quality is very good. Although I have used these portable products in various ways, I am satisfied with the excellent output and the rich sound like the connection of the separate Bluetooth speakers, while the sound treatments are only possible to the extent that the film is usually able to carry out the metabolism. 
In addition, it is equipped with a tripod socket for freely adjustable height, and a USB TYPE-C port for charging and connecting the playback device.
Using the BenQ GV1 mobile beam projector, it has a compact size, excellent portability, 200 ANNs of brilliant brightness and vivid colors, high-quality sound and wireless interface, connected to a playback device, Convenience and charging function are supported, and it is considered perfect product without flaw. If you enjoy content on the big screen in your home, or if you like camping or traveling, then this is your best choice. End thd reviews.


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