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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Palm Grip Optimized Gaming Mouse Corsair IronClaw RGB

Corsair, a gaming peripheral company, unveiled three new mouse models through CES2019. Among them, the IronClaw RGB model offers the best performance with support for up to 18,000 DPI plus RGB LED tuning, optimized for palm grips for comfortable use.
It is the appearance of the product package. The Corsair IronClaw RGB model is equipped with the high-precision sensor PMW3391, which was jointly developed by Pixart and Corsair, and is a wired gaming mouse that supports high sensitivity of up to 18,000 DPI. Sensitivity can be precisely controlled in 1DPI units, optimizing the user's environment, and 7 buttons for macro and various functions. The warranty period for the product is two years. 
The whole component consists of the body, the instruction manual and the product warranty information. 
I can see a side-by-side design that's as good as a palm grip optimized for your comfort by turning your entire palm over your mouse. There are two buttons on the left side and two buttons on the bottom side of the upper wheel scroll, allowing you to utilize a total of 7 buttons. Each switch is composed of Omron products optimized for 50 million clicks durability and gaming. 
It is made of metal material in the name of IronClaw under the left button, and the rubber material on the left and right is very close to the iron.
The bottom is protected by a film, and a PTFE pad is constructed to provide smooth sliding. 
It is made up of high durability weaving cable, and it is possible to clean the line with Velcro tape.
This is how I configured it on my main gaming PC. The DPI display on the top and side three steps, the wheel scroll button, and the RGB LED of 168,000 colors are installed, and various effects and colors can be set by the iCUE program, and it adds the joy of gaming. 
I played the overwatch and tried the Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse. The palm grip is a comfortable palm grip that you can not afford to play for a long time, and the excellent sensor and switch performance allows for fast and precise movement even at 144Hz high refresh rate. 
PUBG play was also comfortable and stable control was possible. The right hand is about 20cm, but the palm grip is very close to the hand. 
Various settings are available through the iCUE program. You can pre-assign the DPI in 3 steps and change it quickly during the game with the control button at the top of the mouse. It is also useful to use it in other PC or PC room as the setting used to store the setting value in hardware.
It also allows you to record mouse and keyboard movements and inputs using macro functions, making it easy to use repetitive tasks, especially in games. 
The 168,000 color RGB LEDs support a variety of lighting modes and color settings, and you can configure them to be colorful with different scrolling, logo and side DPI areas. Surface calibration can be further optimized by analyzing the actual motion, not by selecting the type of mouse pad.
With the Corsair IronClaw RGB gaming mouse, the 105 grams of the right weight, high performance sensor and switch performance, and the brilliant tuning of RGB LEDs are impressive. End the reviews.

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