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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ryzen recommended Mainboard ASRock B450M Steel Legend

In the mainboard area of ​​PC configuration hardware, ASRock's products have maintained excellent churn rates over a long period of time. This new STEEL LEGEND series from ASRock is a lineup with both midrange and premium midrange positions, with all the design, functionality and price satisfaction.
The latest AMD Rizen CPU-enabled motherboards are also available in a variety of price points. For tuning and expanding a wide range of devices, it was necessary to use a high-end motherboard of several hundred thousand won, and to use a low-cost motherboard, I had to give up such a lot of factors. B450M steel legend is a solution to these users' troubles.
The AM4 socket is equipped with the B450 chipset, and the four memory slots can be specified for up to DDR4 3466 overclock on the package and up to 4000 clocks for the actual BIOS. It supports multiple graphics technologies through two PCIe x16 slots and consists of two M.2 slots (PCIe GEN3 x4, SATA3) based on the SATA interface. In addition, M-ATX is a motherboard with high-quality built-in sound that supports optical output and various USB ports. 
It is very reliable to the user because it is tightly bonded to the buffer to prevent damage during transportation. The main board has a black PCB printed on the military pattern, which provides excellent design quality. It is a good product quality that can be confirmed through appearance even though it is the product of the low price of $100.
It is the appearance of the whole component. Components such as motherboard, I / O panel, user manual and software CD, M.2 screws are provided. 
The I / O panel also has a stylish design that adds a military pattern.
The M-ATX standard has a width of 24.4cm and a layout that is suitable for mini PC configuration. 
It has four memory slots and supports capacities up to 64GB. The memory overclock can be seen up to 3533MHz on the Pinnacle Ridge CPU and 4000MHz on the BIOS setup screen. 
You can see the armor treatment of the graphics card slot and the heat sink as well as the name of the steel legend. It prevents damage to the slot and adds to the luxury.
Particularly impressive is the simultaneous mounting of 5V Addressable, 12V RGB headers for motherboard interconnection of various peripherals including self-mounted LEDs. 
The 6-phase power supply adopts the next-generation digital PWM design and supports the CPU Load-Line Calibration (PLC), which is supported by the high-end main board, to provide stable power to the CPU even in the overclocking environment. This is the same type of power source applied to our TAICHI series, which is very stable and has a long service life. 
I / O port It also supports 8 USB ports including USB TYPE-C, DP, HDMI and optical output. It is a well-conceived configuration that does not lag behind high-end motherboards. 
Thanks to the ASRock B450M Steel Legend, you do not have to worry about choosing a motherboard when building a high-performance gaming system or building a high-fidelity office PC with the Rizzen CPU. In case of using low cost main board of $60~$80, main board and power supply are directly related to the stability of the system, so it is recommended to use at least $100 main board personally. RGB LEDs, overclocking, and more, we had to buy more than $200, but with Steel Legend we could satisfy all of these factors. 
A brilliant RGB tuning effect is added around the I / O armor and the chipset heat sink. This allows additional enjoyment of RGB LED tuning, including polychrome syncs that support both 5V and 12V devices, enabling the integration of various peripherals and lighting configurations. 
This is the BIOS setup screen. Overclocking and various setting functions provided only on high-end mainboards are sufficient to operate high-performance systems. 
 ASRock B450 Steel Legend I have played a variety of games, including the Internet, documenting, photo and video playback and editing. It is thought to be a product of excellent performance that can provide a satisfactory use environment from a low-cost CPU to a high-performance CPU and a gaming PC with hardware through stable operation, various expandability and LED tuning elements.
Especially, the design of the product itself, various overclocking and expandability, and the support of RGB LED are somewhat unsatisfactory. If you build an AMD Ryzen system, you will be able to select the best CPU, performance, and tuning options. End the reviews.

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