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Friday, May 24, 2019

Gaming CPU Intel Core i5-9400F Coffee Lake -R Reviews

The Intel Core i5-9400F Coffee Lake-R is now in the spotlight as a CPU for a gaming system that lets you seamlessly play multiple types of games at home. This is a 9th generation model with 6 hexa cores and threads that can be purchased at the lowest price of $200.
It is a package of a fashionable design. The Intel Core i5-9400F runs at 4.1GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 technology at a base 2.9GHz clock and has 9MB of L3 cache memory. Unlike the existing Intel CPUs, this model with F is not included in the built-in graphics, but in addition to the malfunction of the graphics card, the built-in graphics do not seem to be a big singularity because there is almost nothing to use. 
A familiar cooler is provided, and a 65W low TDP does not require a high-end cooling solution. The motherboard is compatible with the Intel 300 series. 
Let's configure the gaming system to check performance with various benchmarking and game play. The memory consisted of a 32GB DDR4 PC-25600, a graphics card of GTX1080, and an air-cooled cooler with four heatpipes. 
The CPU-Z allows you to check the 14-nm process, operating speed, and cache memory. Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology with six cores running at up to 4.1 GHz delivers outstanding performance in gaming environments. 
We have compared benchmarking results with i9-9900K CPU and CPU-Z in the same environment. Multithreading performance with products with 8-core 16 threads is about twice the performance, but single-threaded performance is not much different from the three-fold price difference. Since most games are heavily influenced by IPC performance and clocks over multiple cores, the difference in performance between the two products did not appear to be significant even when running the actual game. 
This is an environment using a digital power supply, and I have checked the power consumption of the CPU. The idle (idle) state without any operation shows power consumption of only 4W and consumes up to 85W when full load is overloaded. The comparative product i9-9900K showed that the CPU power consumption rises to a maximum of 80W. If you use a PC for a long time, it shows a significant difference even in the power saving part, and it is definitely advantageous for low power system configuration. 
In a tower-type air-cooled cooler equipped with four heat pipes, the temperature is also confirmed to be from a minimum of 30 degrees to a maximum of 70 degrees celsius.
We measured CPU performance using the AIDA64 and CINEBENCH programs. In multi-core favorable environments, the score is somewhat lower, and in CINEBENCH, the i7-4770K is better than the i7-4770K.
3D MARK FireStrike and Time Spy test results. It shows enough score to use the latest high-performance graphics card. 
Try the gaming test. The configured graphics card has a GTX1080, the monitor has a 144 Hz refresh rate in QHD (2560x1440) resolution, and Tekken 7 keeps the maximum supported frame stable even if all options are set to maximum. 
In the case of overwatch, play was done by setting it as high option, and it is possible to play smoothly even in 144Hz high refresh rate environment by maintaining more than 150 frames stably. 
APEX LEGENDS is somewhat higher than the over-watch requirement. With a medium option, you can still play smoothly by keeping about 100 to 120 frames. 
In GTA5, you can see that the full option keeps 140 frames stable. 
Lastly, it keeps more than 150 frames in battleground play minimum option, and it is enough to choose higher option or picture quality according to monitor refresh rate or performance of graphics card and configure it according to user's environment.
Recently i9-9900K CPU based system was configured and used, i5-9400F model was installed in the same system, and when I played the game, it showed excellent gaming performance comparable to that of the existing generation of high-end CPU, And i9-9900K with a big difference that does not have a very good caustic ratio can be found. If you are considering a CPU for a pseudo non-gaming PC, I recommend the Intel Core i5-9400F model without hesitation and End the reviews.

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